We are thrilled that everyone who uses our creations, knows they are getting an authentic accessory worthy of a V.I.P.

The Tsirikaua story begins like that:

Twenty years ago, before Tsirikaua, I used to work as a customs clearer.

Then one day magic happened. I saw someone wearing the most beautiful belt I’ve ever seen. I ‘ve tried to find something, even similar, to any shop selling belts, that I know. But nowhere was sold something like that!

I found out that, that one belt, I was fallen in love with, was handcrafted by an old craftsman who used to work with the best quality of Greek leathers and hard metals.

At the very time I saw him making a belt, I decided not to buy one but to learn how to create my own designs.

My concerns? Can I create something so strong and beautiful? And at the end, is this just a hobby or an occupation?

But then, after I earned the know how, I saw that there was many like me, in the early days, that wants to have a unique belt, handcrafted just for them.

I decided I set out to create the most authentic belts, for the most alternatives in the world!

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I have tried to sell my creations to some of the most alternative shops in my country, but….. nothing!

It was about time to decide. Will I remain in my day job or  I have to chase my dream?

My decision is obvious, isn’t it?

I start traveling around the world and learning about leathers, metals (silver, bronze, gold etc) and gemstones, and the techniques to combine them in natural ways. How to cut a stone without wounding it and how to create a jewel from scratch.

There was the time to open my own small workshop, somewhere in Athens, back in 1999, full of fear that no one would like my creations. The response of my customers has been epic!

And as the years go by…

At 2001 I’ve permanently relocated my studio, and residence, in a small Greek island. In the center of the Aegean Sea and under the Mediterranean sun!

Since then, hundreds of happy customers from all around the world, loving wear their Tsirikaua accessories!

From April, 2020 you can find our new workshop and studio in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece.

Κράτα το

Κράτα το