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Medusa head made of sterling silver. A beautiful strong ring for men and women




Medusa ring in sterling silver.

Greek Mythology’s monster Medusa,  is well known, as a Gorgon with living snakes in place of hair. A single look at her eyes is enough to turn everyone into stone! Hero Perseus beheaded her and uses the head as a weapon until he gave it to  Goddess Athena to put it no her shield.

Medusa’s head represents rebirth and freedom.

A beautiful, strong ring, out of the norm, for men and women.

Get this amazing ring for yourself or make a memorable gift to someone you love!

All Tsirikaua products are gift ready, and travel safely to you via Hellenic Post priority mail, with tracking number in a secure envelope.

Your ring will be ready to ship in 3 up to 5 business days. You will also receive care instructions and a special polishing cloth for silver.

Please, contact us for any question you may have. We will be very happy to help you!





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10 1/2 US, 10 1/4 US, 10 3/4 US, 10 US, 11 US, 6 1/2 US, 6 1/4 US, 6 3/4 US, 6 US, 7 1/2 US, 7 1/4 US, 7 3/4 US, 7 US, 8 1/2 US, 8 1/4 US, 8 3/4 US, 8 US, 9 1/2 US, 9 1/4 US, 9 3/4 US, 9 US


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